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School Council Meeting: September 2023


-Welcome new members

-Recap School Council rules and expectations

- Lunchtime clubs

-School charity shop

- Attendance mentors 

- Well-being

Today we welcomed our new School Council members and introduced ourselves. We went through our roles as school council members and introduced our chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

First on the agenda today was to discuss lunchtime clubs, something the school council would like to set up during lunch break for children to have some extra-curricular activities. We had a vote and the school council members decided to have the following clubs available:

- Gardening club

- Singing club

- Lego club

- Charity club

- Art club

We also talked about having a football club and a basketball club each lunchtime. 

Next, we shared some ideas about running a charity shop from school. We decided that we would like to have a place where we could go if we needed some new clothes. We are going to design and create a logo. The charity shop will run as one of our lunchtime clubs and be open once a week for children who need it.

After that, Ms Phillips introduced having attendance mentors in school. We said we would like to have a buddy in school that could support us when we are struggling to improve our attendance. We also thought of some excellent ideas for prizes for having good attendance in school, as well as prizes for improved attendance. 

Finally, we talked about well-being in Ysgol Hendrefelin. We talked about how important it is, and we are going to go back to our classes to ask our peers the following questions:

'What are we doing really well?' 

'What can we do better?'

We will feedback at our next School Council meeting.