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Pupil Development Grant

The Welsh Government provides additional funding to schools to support pupils entitled to Free School Meals. The grant is designed to alleviate any disadvantage experienced by these pupils resulting from not being able to access the same opportunities as pupils from more financially stable families.

The PDG is not attributable to individual pupils, and it is up to each individual school to decide how to spend the funding. Our aim through the grant is to provide all pupils with equal access to teaching, learning and support to allow them to achieve their potential.

Ysgol Hendrefelin was allocated £92,000 for the year 2023-24.  Please click here to view the spending plan.

Looked After Children are also entitled to additional support via the Pupil Development Grant. However, these funds are held centrally by the local authority and decisions on how to allocate and spend the grant are undertaken by them. The school has no input or control over this funding.

More information on the Pupil Development Grant may be found at the Welsh Government website.