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Folly Farm visit for our KS3 pupils

A fantastic day out at Folly Farm for our key stage 3 pupils

On Wednesday the 15th June, the students of Key Stage 3 had an exciting day visiting Folly Farm. This fun-filled outing was made possible by the generous funding and support provided by the members of the Neath Rotary Club. 

The students, sporting their fresh blue Rotary Club caps enjoyed a memorable day observing the magnificent lions proudly parading in the sun. They delighted in watching the penguins stay cool within their aquariums, witnessed the playful pigs revelling in mud baths, and even witnessed sheep playfully imitating fluffy clouds. 

In the afternoon, some of the children embraced their playful side by imitating the monkeys in the play area, while the adventurous daredevils amongst them embarked on thrilling rides and roller coasters.  

The students had a fantastic day filled with exploration and observation of the diverse range of animals at Folly Farm, all made possible by the kind and hardworking members of the Neath Rotary Club.