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Nursing Team

The School Health Nursing Service provides a named, public health qualified, nurse for pupils in each comprehensive school and its cluster of partner primary schools, available all year, not just in term time and your school will have your individual School Health Nurse’s contact details and you don’t need to say why you want to contact us.

Their aim is to keep the healthy in good health by ensuring pupils have the information necessary to make informed healthy choices and to support and sign post children, young people and their families when they have health needs and any problems or concerns.

They are based in the community across the Health Board in the 2 Local Authority areas and they visit named schools providing support in classroom sessions, especially related to sex and relationships education.

They also carry out the school based vaccination programme and the reception class Child Measurement Programme.

We are also involved in Safeguarding vulnerable children and young people and also provide them with confidential advice as appropriate.

They are passionate about ensuring children and young people’s rights are met and that their voices are heard in all decisions that affect them.

Your School Health Nurse is always there to advise you and if they can’t help you directly they will know someone who can.


Out Of Hours Access Arrangements: Available all year i.e. outside school term time.

Click this link to contact the School Nursing Team