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School Meals

All our meals are freshly prepared daily. 

It is our aim to ensure that all pupils can be provided with a healthy nutritious meal reduced in saturated fats, salt and sugar and to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables to achieve the recommended five portions a day. 

Ten reasons to eat school meals: 

  1. A healthy, highly nutritional balanced meal daily 

  1. We use high-quality products that comply with nutritional standards and many are locally sourced 

  1. School meals are great value for money 

  1. Convenience – time saved in the morning plus there’s no worry about keeping food fresh and hygienic until lunchtime 

  1. Eating together – makes lunchtime fun and enjoyable and improves social skills 

  1. The meals are created and prepared by fully-trained staff 

  1. Children are encouraged to try a variety of different foods 

  1. Traditionally cooked and freshly prepared 

  1. Our purchasing policy ensures our suppliers are quality checked 

  1. Be part of the whole school approach to health and wellbeing