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School Priorities for 2022-2023


What is a School Development Plan, and why do we have one? 

Every three years we produce a development Plan. The plan is the result of an analysis of the school’s needs, strengths and areas for development as identified by our own internal monitoring, assessment and evaluation systems, as well as from pupil and parent voice, inspections and the Local Authority. The School Development Plan contains the long-term priorities and ambitions, which the school wishes to work towards, and also short-term actions which will ensure that the long-term priorities are achieved. We also ensure we align our development areas to both local and national priorities.

Why this brief overview?

The School Improvement Plan is a comprehensive document. It is a strategic plan and, more importantly, a working document for all staff and learners involved at Ysgol Hendrefelin. We believe that it is important for everyone who has an interest in the future of our school to be aware of what we are striving to achieve, and of how we intend to do this. We are reliant upon the interest, advice, work and support of all those who come into the school and, as such, are anxious to provide a brief overview of our intentions.



IA1 - Learning

To continue to promote pupils' digital competencies by resourcing, implementing, and evaluating a coordinated approach to the delivery of the DCF across the curriculum.

To further develop a monitoring programme to enable effective self-evaluation which will inform the School Improvement Plan moving forward.

IA2 - Well-being and Attitudes to Learning

To support the “well-being” of pupils focussing on further developing pupils’ abilities to manage their own wellbeing through a co-ordinated approach of learning experiences and therapeutic interventions. This includes the whole school approach to sensory circuits to help regulate pupils which helps pupils to be in a better place to learn.

To continue to develop pupils understanding of their additional learning needs, by planning implementing and evaluating a pupil centred approach to ALN Reform.

IA3 - Teaching and Learning Activities

To improve pupils’ reading skills across all units.

A coordinated and consistent approach to further develop pupils’ thinking skills throughout the curriculum with the aim of pupils applying these skills outside of curriculum time appropriately.

IA4 - Care, Support and Guidance

Continue to improve the management of behaviour and the engagement of pupils across all sites.

Provide a coordinated approach to develop the teaching of life skills through the school curriculum and linking residences activities so that these skills can be re-enforced when pupils are attending residence.

Pupils will follow the Zones of Regulation curriculum to enable them to better understand their behaviours providing them with the toolkit to help them self-regulate.

IA5 - Leadership and Management

To continue to develop the role of leadership at all levels throughout the school, with a particular focus on the role of middle managers in monitoring and self-evaluation activities.  

Provide opportunities for Middle Leaders to work closely with the Senior Leadership team (Seconded positions).