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Well-Being and Behaviour Service

Meet the team

The Wellbeing & Behaviour Service provides support for schools, staff, pupils with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) and their families. The team consists of workers from a range of backgrounds, including youth work and teaching, but all with extensive experience of engaging with vulnerable children, young people and their families. 

What we do

  • Interventions in and outside the school setting for pupils with SEBD.
  • Support for schools. This includes developing whole school approaches, advising and providing strategies to staff and building capacity through modelling and staff training.
  • Transitional support across key stages, between provisions and into post 16 destinations where appropriate.

How to access us

Schools are able to access the Wellbeing & Behaviour Service for individual pupil support by completing and returning a ‘consultation request’ form. Parental request must be obtained for this. Should you wish to access our service for your child please discuss with the school’s Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCo).