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Healthy Schools

At Ysgol Hendrefelin we strive to promote a holistic approach to well-being and healthy lifestyles among our students. In line with this ethos and our commitment to attaining the healthy schools award we have introduced a free fruit tuck shop for all students, furthering our commitment to health and nutrition and ensuring every pupils has access to healthy nutritious snacks. Through active student involvement in preparing and distributing fruit, we aim to foster essential life skills while instilling positive habits from an early age. This initiative builds upon the success of our summer Food and Fun program, emphasising our dedication to creating a healthy and vibrant school community.

Further enhancing our students' physical fitness and life skills development, we offer sports clubs during break and lunch times. These clubs, organised and supervised by teachers and staff, not only promote physical activity but also focus on building teamwork, communication, and leadership skills in an inclusive and engaging manner. This comprehensive approach to health and well-being reflects our school's commitment to nurturing confident, well-rounded individuals prepared for success in all aspects of life.

´╗┐As well as our break time run clubs, we provide a diverse range of afterschool clubs aimed at promoting health and well-being, including dance club, rugby club, and fitness club. Furthermore, we offer residential opportunities where students can enhance their independence by staying overnight at the school. During these residences, students engage in enriching activities and develop essential life skills, contributing to their holistic growth and development.

In addition to physical health, we prioritise mental well-being by providing tools and support for emotional regulation, including regular use of zones of regulation and sensory circuits. Our commitment to healthy relationships and self-understanding is evident in our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum, ensuring students develop a comprehensive understanding of themselves and their interactions with others. We provide comprehensive support for all pupils, ensuring their well-being is prioritised. This includes access to our in-school social worker and play therapist, as well as trained mental health first aiders who are available to offer assistance and guidance whenever needed.

Ensuring that every child's voice is heard is paramount to us. Embedded within our curriculum are lessons on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), empowering pupils with knowledge of their rights. Additionally, we actively involve students in committees such as the Eco Committee and the School Council, providing platforms for them to express their opinions, offer feedback, and contribute their own suggestions. Through these channels, we aim to foster a culture where students feel empowered to lead their own learning, develop confidence in expressing their opinions, and contribute their ideas to shaping our school community.

As a school we are dedicated to creating a healthy and supportive environment where students can thrive both physically and mentally. Through initiatives such as the free fruit tuck shop, emotional support tools, RSE education, and sports clubs, we prioritise the well-being development of our students. Moving forward, we will continue to explore new opportunities to further enhance our programs, ensuring that every student has access to resources and experiences that promote a healthy lifestyle and foster personal growth. Together, we are committed to building a community where students can flourish and reach their full potential.